Think Your Don't Need a Business Mobile App? Think Again!

The path to gaining visibility in the business market place the past few years has constantly been in a state of flux.

Years ago, making the leap to building a business Website for your brand was a decision that had to be carefully considered, weighing all of the options, benefits and expense alike. Today, it’s a no-brainer. You can hardly maintain a business in today’s market, let alone grow it sufficiently, without a polished, user-friendly Website.

Just a year ago, Google’s Mobilegeddon algorithm update put every business on notice that creating a mobile-friendly Web experience for your customers was an absolute must if they wanted to compete in today’s mobile-centered Web-browsing universe. No longer is upgrading your business Website to a responsive, mobile-friendly design an option for leading businesses, it is a necessity.

For mobile browsing potential customers nothing paints your brand as stale, out of date, and quite possibly irrelevant like a non-responsive desktop Website view when browsing from your phone.

Of course, true to form, as soon as businesses adjust to the new normal of the digital visibility landscape, there is a shift in the paradigm. Increasingly, today’s businesses are turning to branded mobile apps to ensure they have a visibility advantage on their competitors.  

Almost all of the nation’s best known  brands have already invested in mobile apps.

Conversely, many mid-sized and small businesses are taking a wait-and-see approach before making the leap. The biggest concern may be that businesses simply don’t think that a mobile app is a necessity for businesses that are not technology based.

But the truth is there are several key reasons why businesses from bakeries to staffing firms would benefit from proffering a branded mobile app to current and future customers.

Being Visible to Customers All of the Time: Today, people only spend so much time tied to a computer. Mobile visibility allows people to access your brand every hour of the day.

A 2014 Geekwire report showed that most Americans spend more than 2 hours per day on their phones browsing. A mobile app allows your brand to be in the mix during that coveted phone time and available at a finger’s touch without requiring a direct search for your business online. A dedicated application allows  your brand to stand out significantly from the crowd.

From coffee shops to banking to fitness clubs, consumers and clients now have apps for everything. Your brand’s app can offer convenience, promote your products or service, keep you in touch with your audience and provide added value. Most importantly though,  it can provide the constant visibility your business needs in a market place that is increasingly trending toward a largely mobile landscape.

Having a New Direct Marketing Channel: Your mobile business app offers more than just visibility, it offers a new and effective business channel your business can’t ignore.

A mobile app is a way of providing all of the salient information a customer or client needs to make the decision to choose your brand (pricing, purchasing function, means of inquiry and feedback). Having that channel available in the growing mobile market before your competitors will create added interest, revenue and customer loyalty.

Provide Value and Increase Loyalty: For businesses that offer customer incentives, creating an app is a great way of providing the added value your customers will appreciate.

Promoting customer rewards, providing access to their accounts and promoting your business or products with valuable coupons or discounts only builds loyalty. Designing a branded app to deliver such a program only propels that growth because of the immediacy that that app represents.

The value of the notion “at your fingertips” is certainly nothing new in the business world. Ease of use and ease of access have been time tested means to promote and enhance customer acquisition and satisfaction. A well designed mobile app represents the ultimate in the concept of “at your fingertips" access.

Today, there’s nothing closer to your customer’s fingertips than a mobile app that represents your distinct brand.