How To Test Your Outsourced Software Development

One issue which tends to arise when outsourcing software development is the question of how to ensure that the outsourced software developers you are hiring are actually qualified.
The simple truth of the matter is that your future hires are thousand's of miles away. Typically they will be in the e Philippines, Eastern Europe or India.... 

They might look good on paper and hopefully the interview went ok. But the question do you ensure that the hire is qualified in the  areas (languages and environments) and up to the level (proficiency) you need them to be. 

Of course...the problem is very much the same when you hire domestically. But unlike in a domestic hire situation the ability to really vet your future candidate is somewhat limited when your new software developer is based in the Philippines or India.  

Without a doubt the most important element in the selection of your new software developers is their skill set. Mismatched skill-sets or just plain lack of skills are undoubtedly the worst thing which can happen to any organization trying to boost output while reining in costs.

In order to avoid such a situation you should employ a qualification process which ensures that your new hire(s)  have exactly those qualifications which are correctly aligned with the needs of your project.

The centerpiece of this qualification process is the use of an independent testing environment which enables you to standardize your assessment of any new hire.

Even can develop the test in such a manner that it truly does resemble the real life environment your future software developers will be working on.

We are offering the use of such tests routinely when selecting software developers in cooperation with our clients.  Below are some screenshots and remarks we are using for our clients to test new hires. We are using an outside company to operate the test environment. 

Test Example Outsourced Software Development

Upon completion of the test you will be presented with a test score. The final test  score will look something like the below:

Outsourced Software Development Test Environment

The practical consequence is that you have a very precise tool to assess if the new software developer possesses the qualifications you need. You can even have one of your In House Developers who fits the project requirements take the test. 

Based upon his results you know how your future hires should score to be properly qualified. 

If you future  outsourcing / BPO provider  is prepared to employ some for of the above to ensure that the candidates are properly vetted your new hires should be a valuable addition to your team.