Strange News...A Chaplain Is in Charge Of The Emotional Well Being Of A BPO Team

Any executive who has been deeply involved running a BPO operation knows that the agents making up the team are real human beings with real life problems.

Due to the location of BPO centers the needs which the average worker might have are sometimes driven by cultural issues as much as by simple hardship.

Taking the cultural needs and the difference into account when running a successful BPO center is needed since employees in Asia or South America might have vastly different needs than employees located in the heartland of the US.

Any executive running a BPO center can attest to the fact that it feels sometimes more like a babysitting operation than running a corporation.

It is widely understand that South America is very religious with the church being  a cornerstone of society.

Taken advantage of that situation has Qualfon, a global Provider of BPO services. They have created the position of Chaplain for their Mexico City operations to help employees deal with any type of emotional, spiritual and economic challenges their employees are facing.

It might seem to be an unusual solution to some of the real life problems but it certainly seems to be working for them. An article explaining how it has been working for them can be found here

The BPO Industry Keeps On Growing...At Least In The Phillipines

There has been ample data which suggest that the BPO industry is having a tough time to maintain the growth rates they have been used to.

The environment will be challenging for the big and small BPO players in the years to come. Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing and the rise of Apps powered by Artificial Intelligence will make it a challenging environment for the BPO industry as a whole. The impact might not be felt yet, mainly because a lot of new developments is still in the Beta stage...but corporations are investing huge amounts to commercialize some of the new technologies.

It therefore comes as a sign of relief that the BPO industry in the Philippines seems to be doing well. Revenue remittances by the major users of BPO in the Philippines increased by about 13 % to 25 Billion USD for 2015.

The strong uptick in revenues for the Philippines is pretty much in line with what the 800 Pounds Gorilla in the business has been reporting. India also reported a rise in revenues of 13 % for their BPO industry.

The Philippines are benefiting form their western influenced workforce which speaks on balance significant better English than all of the other providers of BPO services.

The language advantage should insulate the Philippines from the emergence of decelerating revenue trends for the time being.
Never the will be interesting to see when the business climate will get a bit more challenging.