Outsourcing Micro Tasks...Does it make sense ?

Have you ever thought about outsourcing a small project ?

Typically speaking outsourcing professionals think "long term". A multi year outsourcing relationship is the norm, not the exception. The time is take to set up a well working BPO/KPO solution prohibits considering a short term engagement....it simply would not work economically in most cases. Of course, there are tasks which are rather limited in scope...and often times do not require much personnel. Conventional outsourcing providers (call centers, Software or IT service firms) are then stuck that they want to accommodate their client...but do not want to increase staffing knowing that the project is only short term.  Welcome to the world of Microsourcing (or Micro Outsourcing). Sites like Freelancer or Airtasker provide a good solution to find wiling professionals prepared to take up the "small job".

How Some Companies Are Using Microsourcing To Grow Their Business

Does Your Auditing Team Use Outsourcing ?

Perhaps Your Internal Audit Team Does  Outsource Its Work....?

This might fall squarely into the category "Who knew"....and that is what makes it rather interesting. Ever since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was introduced bigger companies have been strengthening internal controls and developing their internal audit teams to ensure compliance with the various key provisions. A recent survey of the University of Wisconsin looked at the question if the internal Audit teams ever uses third party (Outsourcing/BPO /KPO) services to get the work done. Interestingly...depending upon the industry and the size of the corporation more than 50 % of the surveyed corporations disclosed that at lest a part of their internal audits are being prepared through the use of Outsourcing providers.

Perhaps Your Auditor Does Use Outsourcing too (full PDF report) ?

Bernie Sanders And The Outsourcing / Insourcing Paradox

Bernie Sanders and the not so obvious outsourcing/insourcing paradox

I came across the article below which raises a really interesting paradox Bernie Sanders might have to deal with as part of his political platform. (just in time considering his win yesterday in the WI primary)  He has recited over and over that trade deals and the elimination of trade barriers (NAFTA) have cost countless Americans their jobs and that he is consequently vehemently opposed to them. At the same time he is strongly advocating the legalization of illegals immigrants. The dilemma is that  legalization of millions in undocumented immigrants would enable them to compete exactly for those jobs he is trying to protect domestically. Allowing an estimated 8 Mio immigrants to compete for the jobs of the American Blue Collar worker  and the continued immigration stream sure to follow might be as damaging as keeping NAFTA alive.

Did Bernie Sanders create an Outsourcing / Insourcing Paradox ?