An Outsourcing Relationship gone wrong....

The article below talks about the unsuccessful  experience a startup company had. The author makes a couple of good such it is actually a good read. The author and the outsourcing company seemed to have  failed to establish defined milestones which might have prevented a lot of the issues. The lesson learned here seem to be that due diligence is really important when you pick your outsourcing partner.
Even The Legal Profession Outsources....

If there ever was an industry which likes doing things the way they were it is the legal industry. However, new providers of legal services are pushing into the market undercutting traditional business models by using outsourcing to a much larger degree than  their peers. The Big Boys have been using outsourcing for some time now....but even mid level firms might feel the need to incorporate outsourcing to gain an edge over the competition.

Mid Level law Firms Start Outsourcing Too....
All Female BPO center in Saudi Arabia

Females have been taking  bigger roles in the BPO world for quite some time now. The % of females working in  traditional outsourcing countries  has been growing  ever since and is approaching 35 % in India now. (Philippines are a bit lower). Western employers often times have no cultural wall to climb when it comes to employing females. Therefor  females are often times over represented (as compared to the rest of the countries workforce) in BPO centers in Asia and the Americas.

Never the all female BPO facility is obviously a bit different!

This Might Be A First...An All Female Outsourcing/BPO Center

IBM's Watson will outsource the outsourcers.....?!

Watson is the most well know AI interface commercially available. We have been developing into the Watson API for some time now and it is clear to me that quite a few of the high end IT jobs (software and clerical) ) will be taken up by Watson and its AI peers in due course. I don't think the challenge is well understood thus far but the article below addresses the challenges it will pose for the outsourcing industry.

IBM's Watson will eliminate jobs ?!
Ever Wondered Why You Should Think About Outsourcing ?

I recently wrote an article which discusses some of the advantages outsourcing offers a business. I published it on my Linkedin page.  I believe it is a great read for anyone who is considering outsourcing and provides some valuable information. Outsourcing is obviously a hot button issue for a lot of companies and the article does a pretty good job going into details as to what the specific strategic advantages might be. Any feedback is appreciated. Article link is below, my Linkedin Profile is  Steve Benger Linkedin Profile....

Why Your Business Should Consider Outsourcing....

Outsourcing...or Insourcing ?...Answer might not be as easy as it seems

I am obviously an advocate of Outsourcing certain business processes. However, there are certainly situations where Insourcing does make sense and I am the fist one to support any organization to do so when I see the value. The article below reviews the case to Insource ...and makes a few interesting points, most of them are really universally applicable to all industries.  The article does actually deal with a situation not traditionally associated with BPO services...but that only makes it  more valuable I feel.

Insourcing...Yes or No ?