Donald  Trump Supports Outsourcing ?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump went on record that outsourcing is not a bad thing in a blog post in 2005. Surprising as it might be listening to him nowadays  but in  the 2005 post he makes clear that outsourcing might even create more jobs...because companies make more money which then is then funneled back into the economy.

Donald Trump Supports Outsourcing ...?
German Police Raids Office In India ...

Users of outsourcing services are often times falling victim to shady providers of BPO services. Usually though corporations just take their loss and move on. Apparently so not this time. A German company was able to mobilize a special investigative German police  unit which joined up with local police in Kolkata to conduct a raid in India and start an investigation. I vouch to say the India guys did not see that one coming....

German Police Searches Offices Of BPO Firm In India

Outsourcing To Uber & Lyft ?

The Massachusetts  Transport Authority is apparently considering to outsource some of their transportation needs (late night) to Uber and Lyft. It certainly seems to make sense to provide late night transport via Uber or Lyft instead of sending an empty bus around...but a bit surprising it is never the less. In fact...I would not be surprised to see the model being adopted by other municipalities.

Uber and Lyft are taking over Municipal Transport

Below is a great article dealing with the need of IT organizations to use outsourcing to deliver the reduction in costs the C level is forcing upon them. I know from my own clients that the need to reduce expenses is one of the main drivers to enter into an outsourcing relationships. Software outsourcing is very viable for a lot of organizations since cost savings often times exceed 50 %.