Romania Outsourcing Industry Keeps On Gaining Ground Over Other European Countries

The Outsourcing / BPO industry is constantly looking for better solutions to address their needs. One country which has consistently been rising in the ranks and has become the "hot' destination in Europe is Romania.

In the latest ranking by Colliers International Romania managed to climb 5 spots and is now ranked as number 13  in the Global Services Location ranking. It has left countries like Hungary (32) , Czech Republic (26) and Ukraine (24) solidly behind it. If the trend continues it might be able to overtake its only remaining regional competitor Poland (10) within the next few years.

The ranking takes into account things like costs, business climate and the quality of the work force. 

Romania's climbing up the rank is driven by its well qualified IT workforce which is graduating at a steady clip from its Universities.

Another advantage all  of central and Eastern Europe enjoys is the relatively better time zone they are operating in when dealing with clients based in North America. Most European countries are about 7 hours ahead of Central Standard Time (Chicago).

Compared to the 800 pound Gorilla in ITO , India, this represents a clear advantage. India as well as most of Asia is squarely on the other side of the clock. Hence dealing with a European software team might be a bit easier.

One disadvantage all of Europe has compared to India and most of Asia is that the depth of the talent pool simply does not compare. Overall there are estimated to be about 600,000 employees in the outsourcing sector for all of Central and Eastern Europe. That compares with about 3.5 Mio for just India.

Never the less though...Romania and its other European peers are making steady inroads into the BPO and ITO industry and that trend should continue for the foreseeable future.